Providing Continued VoIP Service Through Unforeseen Disasters

Ring Street offers disaster planning for your VoIP service. Our Voice-over IP System (VoIP System) disaster services provide continued VoIP service to customers through unforeseen disasters. This includes hurricanes, floods, and severe weather. It also includes system disruptions, including internal viruses or bugs in your server software. Our continuous VoIP service keeps your business systems functioning properly. It also enhances your ability to respond immediately. This allows you the ability to provide continuous, reliable VoIP service to your customers in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Most companies have NO voice communications disaster recovery strategy for their voice communications systems in case of a system disruption or major disaster. When dealing with voice communications systems, such as traditional PBX systems, VoIP systems, or call centers, it is extremely important to maintain continuous service protection and ensure your voice communications investments are protected.


Protection for you VoIP service and systems is available at various levels. Sometimes having a battery backup system, spare circuit board, or extra telephone at your business location is simply not enough. If the communication system is complex, as most business voice communication systems are, or they provide revenue-generation functions for the company, such as a call-contact centers, or is connected to other company systems via corporate networks, a detailed process for emergency recovery may be advisable.


Please note, disaster planning services for your VoIP service, provided by Ring Street, are different from our normal maintenance contract activities. These services may entail additional costs that are not covered by warranties or maintenance contracts. For more information on our Disaster Planning Services, call Ring Street at (504) 934-1400.